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Welcome to the Modern Conscience online store.
Specializing in coveted modern chairs, furnishings, and restoration.


07_PartsSpares---.jpg Parts and Spares

Parts and spares are the heart of the Modern Conscience collection. Modern Conscience strives to empower collectors who want the satisfaction of lovingly and personally restoring their own collections. Modern Conscience offers the largest and most accurate selection of restoration parts for Modern furniture in the world. Our parts are either OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or made in our own state-of-the-art workshops in the United States from the highest quality materials available. Our craftsmen welcome new challenges; don't hesitate to let us know if we don't have a part you're looking for. And, of course, if there are restoration efforts you would rather have us handle we're always available for that too.

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08_ReproductionBases---.jpg Eames Style Bases

Modern Conscience creates expert handcrafted reproductions of the vintage original bases. All of our bases and components are made in the United States and are locally crafted where we have direct control of the quality of the production, materials, and finishes. Our bases are the perfect complement in the restoration of a vintage Eames seat. Instead of throwing that vintage fiberglass shell in the trash, rescue it with one of our bases and participate in preserving a legacy in Modern design.
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01_Seating---.jpg Seating

Nearly a decade ago, Modern Conscience arose out of an obsession with modern chair design. The original focus was on the seminal work of Charles and Ray Eames and their fiberglass shells and bases. Modern Conscience offered, and continues to offer, unique original Eames chairs as well as pivotal chairs by many Modern designers.
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02_TablesStorage---.jpg Tables and Storage

A collection of beautiful tables, surfaces, and storage furniture to complement your insatiable Modern taste.
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03_Lighting---.jpg Lighting

Gorgeous luminaries to illuminate all of your Modern treasures.
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04_Objects---.jpg Objects

Fantastic finds and trinkets.
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05_Toys---.jpg Toys

A collection of toys to be enjoyed and appreciated by both children and grownups.
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