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Articles on Modernism / Vintage Eames

Modern Conscience was founded in 2004 with the idea that vintage modern furniture and exceptionally crafted furniture, should be more accessible. Arising out of an obsession with modern chair design, the original focus was on the seminal work of Charles and Ray Eames and their fiberglass shells and bases. Modern Conscience offered, and continues to offer, unique original Eames chairs as well as expert restorations and high-quality reproduction bases.

The Modern Conscience Vintage Eames Catalog

We have assembled a collection of images of some of our favorite pieces over the years. If you find something below that you like let us know, we may be able to find one for you, or we may have them coming in to stock soon.

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RAR-Black_on_Cream.jpg RAR-CreamNaugahyde_on_Cream.jpg DSW-Ochre.jpg DAX-Zenith_Parchment.jpg
DSW-MediumBlue.jpg DSW-ForestGreen.jpg RAR-ElephantGrey.jpg RSR-Red.jpg
DSW-Chartreuse.jpg DSW-Cream.jpg RKR-Black.jpg DAW-Greige.jpg
DAR-Parchment.jpg DSW-OchreDark.jpg RAR-CamelVelvet_on_Cream.jpg RAR-Orange.jpg
DSW-LightTan.jpg DSW-Orange.jpg DSW-Seafoam.jpg DSW-SeafoamGreenLight.jpg
DAW-MediumBlue.jpg DSR-SealBrown.jpg RAR-WhitePolypropylene.jpg RAR-Yellow.jpg
DAW-OliveGreenDark.jpg DSW-Parchment.jpg DSX-MediumBlue_on_WallSaverH.jpg RAR-CamelNaugahyde_on_Cream.jpg
DAW-SealBrown.jpg RAR-BlueNaugahyde_on_Red.jpg DSR-Chartreuse.jpg DSR-LightTan.jpg
DKW-ChestnutBrown.jpg DSW-Eggshell.jpg RAR-Hybrid_ChestnutNaugahyde_on_Cream.jpg RAR-MustardVelvet_on_Cream.jpg
DSW-RawUmber.jpg DSW-VividBlue.jpg DAW-ButterscotchYellow.jpg RAR-Greige.jpg
DSR-Red.jpg RSR-LightTan.jpg RAR-EmeraldVelvet_on_Cream.jpg RAR-OliveGreenDark.jpg
DAW-ElephantHideGrey.jpg DAW-NavyBlue.jpg RSR-VividBlue.jpg DSW-GreyYellow.jpg
RAR-CamelNaugahyde_on_Black.jpg RAR-SeafoamGreen.jpg DAX-Parchment.jpg DSW-SunshineYellow.jpg
DAR-ButterscotchYellow.jpg DKW-Black.jpg DSR-SeafoamGreen.jpg DSW-ElephantHideGrey.jpg
DAW-Swivel_Black.jpg DAX-Zenith_Greige.jpg DSR-Black.jpg DSW-VividBlue_on_Maple.jpg
DAW-Yellow.jpg RSR-Straw.jpg DAW-Parchment.jpg DSW-LightYellow.jpg
RAR-GrassGreenVelvet_on_Cream.jpg RAR-MediumBlue.jpg DSR-GreyYellow.jpg DAR-ElephantHideGrey.jpg
RAR-ChestnutNaugahyde_on_Greige.jpg RAR-NavyBlueVelvet_on_Greige.jpg RAR-Black_on_Black.jpg MAX-Zenith_Greige.jpg
DSW-Black.jpg DSW-BrilliantYellow.jpg DSW-NavyBlue.jpg DSW-Red.jpg
DSR-LemonYellow.jpg RAR-ButterscotchYellow.jpg RAR-ChocolateVelvet_on_Cream.jpg RSR-White.jpg
DSW-OchreLight.jpg RAR-ElephantHideGrey.jpg RAR-NavyBlue.jpg RAR-OatmealHopsack_on_Cream.jpg
DSW-OliveGreenDark.jpg DSW-SealBrown.jpg DSW-Yellow.jpg RAR-Parchment.jpg
RAR-RoyalBlueVelvet_on_Cream.jpg RAR-SoftYellow.jpg RSR-SunshineYellow.jpg RAR-RedVelvet_on_Cream.jpg

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