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Articles on Modernism

We're obsessed with Modern furniture and architecture and we enjoy sharing that pursuit with you. This page features articles on Modern Furniture and Modern Architecture. New articles are added often, feel free to visit regularly. And if you have any ideas for places or pieces we should research or feature don't hesitate to let us know.

Article-Vintage_Eames.jpg Vintage Eames

Modern Conscience was founded in 2004 with the idea that vintage modern furniture and exceptionally crafted furniture, should be more accessible. Arising out of an obsession with modern chair design, the original focus was on the seminal work of Charles and Ray Eames and their fiberglass shells and bases. This is a collection of some of our favorite Eames pieces from over the years.


Article-Grace_Miller_House.jpg Grace Miller House

The Grace Miller House represents a collaborative achievement for architect and client. It is representative of Neutra’s skillful layering of spatial functions and masterful blending of exterior and interior spaces.


Article-Yacht_Club.jpg The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club was conceived as the linchpin of a future Lake Tahoe-like property, envisioned as a winter resort offering swimming, fishing, water sports and boating to vacationers. Real-estate investors bought into the utopia and the area flourished.


Article-GM_Tech_Center.jpg GM Tech Center

General Motors was a company that took pride in the quality of it’s manufactured goods and Saarinen intended to depict this in the architecture as well. A series of three-story elongated structures, each organized on a five-foot module, were arranged on the 320-acre site. Many new building materials and processes were invented during the construction and design of the project.


Article-John_Deere.jpg John Deere Headquarters

The goal of the proposed scheme was threefold: to provide maximum efficiency of space for future expansion in a flexible plan, to create a peaceful environment, and to translate the character of Deere products into architecture. Saarinen saw strength as an essential trait of Deere’s products, so he chose core ten steel to produce, in his own words, “a building which is bold and direct, using metal in a strong way, a metal that if unpainted a rust coating forms which becomes a protective skin over the steel itself.”


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