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PARTS+SPARES / Eames Style Bases

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Modern Conscience creates expert handcrafted reproductions of the vintage original bases. All of our bases and components are made in the United States and are locally crafted where we have direct control of the quality of the production, materials, and finishes. Our bases are the perfect complement in the restoration of a vintage Eames seat. Instead of throwing that vintage fiberglass shell in the trash, rescue it with one of our bases and participate in preserving a legacy in Modern design.

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EamesDowelBlackWalnut_Thumbnail.jpg EamesDowelBlackMaple_Thumbnail.jpg EamesLowRodCatsCradleBlack_Thumbnail.jpg
EamesDowelZincWalnut_Thumbnail.jpg EamesDowelZincMaple_Thumbnail.jpg EamesLowRodCatsCradleZinc_Thumbnail.jpg
EamesRockerBlackWalnut_Thumbnail.jpg EamesRockerBlackMaple_Thumbnail.jpg EamesRockerBlackBirch_Thumbnail.jpg
EamesRockerZincWalnut_Thumbnail.jpg EamesRockerZincMaple_Thumbnail.jpg EamesRockerZincBirch_Thumbnail.jpg
EamesEiffelBlackDomeGlides_Thumbnail.jpg EamesEiffelBlackNylonGlides_Thumbnail.jpg EamesEiffelBlackNaturalNylonGlides_Thumbnail.jpg
EamesEiffelZincDomeGlides_Thumbnail.jpg EamesEiffelZincBlackNylonGlides_Thumbnail.jpg EamesEiffelZincNaturalNylonGlides_Thumbnail.jpg
EamesCounterstoolDowelBlackMaple_Thumbnail.jpg EamesCounterstoolDowelZincMaple_Thumbnail.jpg EamesBarstoolDowelBlackWalnut_Thumbnail.jpg

LineLightGrey.jpg WideMountBasesForVintageEamesFiberglass.jpg
EamesDowelBlackWalnutWide_Thumbnail.jpg EamesDowelZincWalnutWide_Thumbnail.jpg EamesDowelBlackMapleWide_Thumbnail.jpg

> Tell me more about the quality of your bases.
> What seats do your bases fit?
> How do I know if my seats are wide or narrow mount?
> I have a narrow mount seat, which bases will it fit?
> I have a wide mount seat, which bases will it fit?
> Do the wide and narrow mount dowel bases look different from one another?
> What's the difference between Maple and Birch?
> Tell me more about wood finishes and stains.
> Do you also have vintage bases? Yes. You'll find them here.
> Do you also have screws and other parts? Yes. You'll find them here.