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COVETED FURNISHINGS+OBJECTS / Vintage Raymor Serving Bar Cart Attributed to Arthur Umanoff / Style of Paul McCobb

Vintage Raymor Serving Bar Cart Attributed to Arthur Umanoff / Style of Paul McCobb
Design Attributed to Arthur Umanoff
In the style of Paul McCobb
Vintage Original, 1950's
manufactured by Raymor
14.75" w | 28" d | 31" height to top of handle
Top Cutting Board: 14.75" w | 24" d

Offered here is a vintage serving and bar / wine / beverage cart for Raymor. This design is often attributed to Arthur Umanoff or Paul McCobb.

This particular cart is in good restored condition. The two butcher blocks have been refinished and sealed with beeswax. The bucket is structurally sound and usable, but has a hairline fracture at the rim. There is no lid and it may be possible to find another lid, or to substitute the ice bucket with another altogether. The lower butcher block has a slight sag, it's sturdy and purely cosmetic, and common to this piece because of the designed orientation of the block. All of the leather straps are original; one has a slight split but is still sound. All of the rivets are well fastened. The white Formica lower surface has a small blemish and the edge trim is slightly separated from the edge. The welds and frame are all sound and correct. The black finish is perfect. The casters are vintage period stock and in perfect condition. This is a fantastic find with a price appropriate for the wear.

All serious offers will be considered.

ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_01.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_02.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_03.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_04.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_05.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_06.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_07.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_08.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_09.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_10.jpg ArthurUmanoff_PaulMcCobb_Raymor_ServingBarCart_11.jpg