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E-mail is the best way to reach us.

The very best way to reach us for all inquiries is by e-mail, we are a very small company and we run a very noisy shop. E-mail is the most practical for us and e-mail also keeps a written record of what we've discussed.

We want to hear from you.

Modern Conscience has more than four decade combined experience in restoration, preservation, and custom fabrication. We lovingly restoring your priceless mid-century pieces as if they were our own. We also happily perform those much needed maintenance chores for your vintage pieces, such as periodic leather cleaning and conditioning, and wood finish oiling and conditioning. We have a number of restored and original pieces in our private collection that you are welcome to view by appointment.

If you might be interested in hiring us for our expert skill and craftsmanship please contact us for an estimate. We can typically determine the scope of work with a simple e-mail conversation and a few images.

Should you need personal assistance of any other kind, have questions about a product, lead time or desire to contact us for any reason, we would very much like to hear from you.

Please note we triage e-mails based on urgency, and those asking for free info or advice unrelated to a purchase get pushed to the bottom. Sometimes we have unexpected surges in e-mails and we work hard to get through as many as possible.

The studio.

Our Seattle workshop and showroom is open by appointment. Please e-mail us for scheduling.

The phone.

The worst way to contact us is by phone at 206-682-2443. We provide it here so that you know we are legit, and maybe you have an appointment right now and you forgot it, but seriously, e-mail is the best way to reach us. We don't ever get to voicemails, there are hundreds of them a day, we can't. E-mail is it. We work in a noisy shop and we handle delicate restorations- adhesives are actively curing, red aniline is actively setting up, power tools are cutting through wood, noisy air filtration systems are running. We have earplugs in and protective equipment on, include respirators on our faces for most finishes. We aren't trying to be jerks and not answer the phone, it's seriously a matter of safety and practicality. We only use the phone for getting in touch on the day of your appointment.

Thanks for loving Modernism as much as we do!