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TOYS / Tiny Tops

Tiny Tops - Set of Five
Designed by Brian Hanger
Circa 2013
handmade by HALLBANGER
Approximated Size: 2"-3" tall
Black American Walnut
Please allow 2 weeks for your tiny tops to be handmade for you.

This item is non-refundable.

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Tiny Tops are the musings of Brian Hanger’s time spent working through design problems. Brian allows his mind to wander and organically turns these tiny tops from Black American Walnut, creating beautiful, intricate, functional works of art. Each top is entirely unique and full of tiny detail. Made for grownups, suitable for kids.

With your order you will receive five unique tops.

ModernConscienceTinyTops_01-a.jpg ModernConscienceTinyTops_01-b.jpg ModernConscienceTinyTops_01.jpg ModernConscienceTinyTops_02.jpg ModernConscienceTinyTops_03.jpg ModernConscienceTinyTops_04.jpg ModernConscienceTinyTops_05.jpg ModernConscienceTinyTops_06.jpg