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COVETED FURNISHINGS+OBJECTS / Vintage Eames Greige Rope Edge Armshells on X-Bases - Pair - Earliest Version

Vintage Eames Greige Rope Edge Armshells on X-Bases - Pair - Earliest Version
Design Charles and Ray Eames
DAX (Dining, Arm Chair, X-Base)
Vintage Original, 1950's
seat manufactured by Zenith Plastics
base manufactured by Eames Office
Each Chair: 24.5" (60cm) w | 27.25" (69cm) d | 31.5" (81.2cm) h | 17.5" (44.5cm) seat height
This vintage item is non-refundable.

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Here for your consideration is a gorgeous example of the earliest version of the Eames fiberglass rope-edge chair. The earliest version is signified by its Zenith production and butt welded x-base frame. The x-base frame was quickly changed to a contact welded frame for faster manufacturing.

This pair displays beautifully in Greige fiberglass with plenty of fibers to impress. They are in mint condition and are an original pair on their original bases, with all original screws. The rope edge is clean and free of chips. The labels are clean and perfectly intact.

This is a gorgeous early pair in pristine condition.

VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_01.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_02.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_03.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_04.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_05.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_06.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_07.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_08.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_09.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_10.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_11.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_12.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_13.jpg VintageEamesZenithRopeEdgeGreigeArmshellEarlyXBasePair_14.jpg