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One of our most important ambitions is to facilitate the restoration of iconic mid-century pieces. You'll find all of the parts you need to restore the chairs and pieces below.

It's simple. We make and source the best parts because we do the best restorations.

Don't see your chair or piece? Can't find the part you need? Contact us about what you're looking for, we likely have it; and if we don't, we will make ourselves insane finding it for you or fabricating it. We're actively sourcing and producing new parts every day. And if there are any restoration efforts you're not interested in doing on your own, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Modern Conscience specializes in restoration and component parts for Modern and mid-century furniture. Our experienced team has the expertise. Our restoration and fabrication shop has specialized equipment for hardwood, plywood, veneer, metal, rubber, plastics, fiberglass, and platings and finishes. We are currently celebrating more than a decade in business. We are collectors of Modern furniture and our parts are the best in the world. Have questions? We're here to help!


ReproductionBases-.jpg Bases for Vintage Eames Fiberglass

Modern Conscience creates expert studio made productions of the vintage original bases. All of our bases and components are made in the United States and are locally crafted where we have direct control of the quality of the production, materials, and finishes. Our bases are the perfect complement in the restoration of a vintage Eames seat. Instead of throwing that vintage fiberglass shell in the trash, rescue it with one of our bases and participate in preserving a legacy in Modern design.
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EamesRocker-.jpg Eames Rocker

RAR (Rocking Armchair Rod Base)
RSR (Rocking Sidechair Rod Base)

The Eames Rocker is second in iconography only to the Eames Lounge. You may have one of several generations of vintage seats, including the earliest rope edge featuring the large style Zenith shockmounts. We have all of the parts you will need to restore any generation Eames Rocker.
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EamesDowel-.jpg Eames Dowel Chair

DAW (Dining Armchair Wood Base)
DSW (Dining Side Chair Wood Base)

While the fiberglass seat has been around for several generations, the Eames Dowel Chair was only around for a short time as the dowel base was susceptible to breakage. In addition to all of parts you will need for your fiberglass seat, we offer replacement legs for any version of the dowel base you may have.
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EamesEiffel-.jpg Eames Eiffel Chair

DAR (Dining Armchair Rod Base)
DSR (Dining Sidechair Rod Base)

Reffered to by the Eames as the Rod Base, and the adoring public as the 'eiffel' base, the Eames Eiffel chair is a favorite. There were several generations of fiberglass seats and two generations of eiffel bases, you will find all the parts you need here.
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EamesXBase-.jpg Eames X-Base Chair

DAX (Dining Height Armshell X-Base)
DSX (Dining Height Sideshell X-Base)
MAX (Medium Height Armshell X-Base)
MSX (Medium Height Sideshell X-Base)
LAX (Lounge Height Armshell X-Base)
LSX (Lounge Height Sideshell X-Base)

The Eames X-Base chair is the first generation Eames fiberglass chair with solid metal legs. Technically only the first and second generation Zenith manufactured seats were featured on X-Bases, these are the seats with the largest style shockmount, with a metal washer insert.
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EamesZenith-.jpg Eames Zenith Fiberglass

Zenith Plastics manufactured the first two generations of fiberglass seating for the Eames. The first generation of Zenith shells features a rope edge, this was discontinued for all further generations. Both generations of seats produced by Zenith feature the large style shockmounts with a metal washer insert. Zenith seats were available on a variety of bases.
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EamesHBase-.jpg Eames H-Base Chair

DAX (Dining Height Armshell Four-Legged Base)
DSX (Dining Height Sideshell Four-Legged Base)
MAX (Medium Height Armshell Four-Legged Base)
MSX (Medium Height Sideshell Four-Legged Base)
LAX (Lounge Height Armshell Four-Legged Base)
LSX (Lounge Height Sideshell Four-Legged Base)

The DAX and DSX designations may not have changed, but by the third generation of fiberglass seats the Eames X-Base chair was replaced with the H-Base which was more durable and economical to produce.
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EamesScholasticStackingChair-.jpg Eames Scholastic Stacking Chair

The Eames Scholastic Stacking Chair is perhaps the most prolifically produced of the vintage fiberglass series. The chair is finding new adoration among collectors who appreciate the ability to efficiently stack and store several chairs.
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EamesAluminumGroup-.jpg Eames Aluminum Group Chair (a variety of seats)

The Eames Aluminum Group series featured office and task chairs in both an ET and Executive Style (pictured). The Aluminum Group series was offered in contract settings and consequently can be found in enumerable iterations.
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EamesUpholsteredSeat-.jpg Eames Upholstered Fiberglass (a variety of bases)

The upholstered Eames fiberglass armshells and sideshells were most often originally offered for contract settings and consequently you will find them with a variety of upholsteries, most commonly Naugahyde or hopsack. You will find them with grey, black or white trim; and with inset metal mounts and washers instead of shockmounts.
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EamesWireSeat-.jpg Eames Wire Chairs (a variety of bases)

DKX (Dining Height Wire Seat X-Base or H-base)
MKX (Medium Height Wire Seat X-Base or H-Base)
LKX (Lounge Height Wire Seat X-Base or H-Base)
RKR (Rocking Wire Seat Rod Base)
DKR (Dining Height Wire Seat Rod Base)
DKW (Dining Height Wire Seat Wood Base)

You will find the Eames Wire seats on a variety of bases including X-Bases, Dowel Bases, Eiffel Bases, H-Bases, and Rocker Bases. Wire seats can be challenging to find in good condition, but when you do they are definitely worth restoring.
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EamesBarstoolChair-.jpg Eames Barstool Dowel Base

The Eames Barstool Dowel Chair is quintessential for both the kitchen and the office. Modern Conscience is pleased to offer this fantastic base in both a counter height and bar height, and in both maple and walnut.
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EamesLounge-.jpg Eames Lounge and Ottoman

670 (Eames Lounge)
671 (Eames Ottoman)

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman may very well be the most iconic piece of furniture to date. There were three generations of the vintage Eames Lounge and Ottoman, you will find all of the parts you will need for all three generations.
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SeligPlycraftLounge-.jpg Selig and Plycraft Lounges and Ottomans

The Eames Lounge and Ottoman was an icon from its inception and that meant that there were countless iterations by both Selig and Plycraft fifty years ago, just as there are countless knock offs by contemporary furniture companies today.

Even so, these vintage Plycraft and Selig pieces have held their own and are much adored by collectors.
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SeligImperialEggChair-.jpg Selig Imperial "Egg" Chair

The Imperial Chair was Selig's answer to Jacobsen's Egg chair. Albeit somewhat less refined, the Imperial Chair is much beloved by collectors.
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SaarinenWombChair-.jpg Eero Saarinen Womb Chair

Originally titled Model No. 70, the chair's generous proportions and sculptural organic form invited the user to curl up in it and eventually came to be known as the "Womb" chair. We offer parts and spares, including the rare 1st generation glides, in addition to upholstery and restoration services.
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EamesDCM-.jpg Eames Metal Dining Chair and Lounge Chair

DCM (Dining Chair Metal Legs)
LCM (Lounge Chair Metal Legs)

The Eames DCM can be frustrating to restore as there were three generations with distinctly different shockmounts, screws and bases. You will find all of the parts you need for all three generations.
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EamesCoffeeTableCTM-.jpg Eames Coffee Table

CTM (Coffee Table Metal Legs)

The much loved CTM by Charles and Ray Eames pairs perfectly with the DCM or LCM.
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EamesDCW-.jpg Eames Wood Dining Chair and Lounge Chair

DCW (Dining Chair Wood Base)
LCW (Lounge Chair Wood Base)

The Eames DCW makes a beautiful statement in the dining room. However, many of the parts are complicated and the restoration process can quickly become frustrating. We have all of the parts you need for every generation of the DCWs.
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EamesCoffeeTableCTW-.jpg Eames Coffee Table

CTW (Coffee Table Wood Legs)

The much loved CTW by Charles and Ray Eames pairs perfectly with the DCW or LCW.
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EamesAluminumGroupExecutive-.jpg Eames Aluminum Group Executive and Lounge Chairs

The Eames Aluminum Group Executive chairs were featured in lounge and desk versions and add a level of sophistication to any office.
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EamesFoldingTable-.jpg Eames Folding Tables

Charles and Ray Eames designed a delightful collection of folding tables featuring options with laminate or wood veneer tops.
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BertoiaKnollWireChair-.jpg Bertoia Knoll Wire Chair Collection

Everything you need to restore your Bertoia wire chairs, including the side chair, bird chair, and diamond chair. We also offer restoration services including new chrome and powder-coat in both standard and customs colors.
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ArneJacobsenFritzHansenSeries7GrandPrixLilyPlywoodCollection-.jpg Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen Plywood Chair Collection

Everything you need to restore your Jacobsen plywood chairs, including the Series 7, Grand Prix, Lily, Ant, and Seagull chairs; and many others. We also offer restoration services including wood repairs, new chrome, new zinc plating, and upholstery.
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ArthurUmanoffCollection-.jpg Arthur Umanoff Collection

Arthur Umanoff created beautiful furniture in the aesthetic of wood, iron, and other natural materials like jute.
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LutherConoverCollection-.jpg Luther Conover Fiberglass Chair Collection

In the 1950's Luther Conover designed a delightful and whimsical fiberglass chair which, in retrospect, really should have rivaled the Eames masterpieces. The Luther Conover pieces have their own style of shockmounts and Modern Conscience is happy to offer those anew.
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WardBennettTables-.jpg Ward Bennett Glass Top Tables

Ward Bennett has been a quintessential and prolific modern furniture designer. Here we are offering replacement parts for some of his glass top table designs. We are able to fabricate nearly any other part you may require for your Ward Bennett pieces.
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