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Modern Conscience gracioulsy consigns your mid-century pieces. Additionally we are also happy to purchase them outright, or even trade if you have something special that we've been longing for. We're always shopping.

E-mail us at if you have something you would like to consign, sell, or trade.


About Consigning with Modern Conscience

Modern Conscience understands that you may have some mid-century pieces that are particularly rare and require just the right home.

Most consignment stores will take a steep percentage, anywhere between 30% and 60%. Additionally they will typically require you to discount the item over a certain period of time until the item sells. If you choose an auction house you run the risk of the exact collector you need not being in the room. Modern Conscience has thousands of loyal mid-century collectors all over the world, particularly Eames collectors. We offer an attractive consignment program that will allow you to get top dollar for your priceless pieces.


Modern Conscience consigns notable and rare mid-century pieces, particularly those by Charles and Ray Eames.

Modern Conscience has many collectors who are searching for specific items. In the process of consigning your items we will contact all of our customers that may be interested in your piece.

Your item must be in sellable and presentable condition; please consider selling it to us directly for a fair price if the item requires restoration.


Modern Conscience requires a $40 listing fee for posting your item on our website. Additionally, there is a modest 20% consignment fee when the item sells. Consignment fees do not apply to shipping expenses.


Your item must be well photographed and must fit the format of our website with a clean white background. Modern Conscience will photograph your item for you for a $50 fee; this option will require that you ship your item to Modern Conscience. In this case Modern Conscience may also warehouse your item and handle shipment to the customer for you, at your discretion.


Modern Conscience will work with you to develop a price for your item that is both reasonable for current market conditions and fair to you based on the rarity of your piece. The final price is at your discretion.


Please be aware that rare items can take a considerable amount of time to sell, sometimes up to a year or more. Please consider selling your item to us directly, for a fair price, if you are on a short schedule.


You may handle the shipping, or you may have Modern Conscience ship the item for you. Please be aware that Modern Conscience has collectors all over the world, and your item is likely to sell internationally.

If you decide to handle the shipping, you must be prepared to ship the piece internationally. The shipping price in the listing will be paid to you for this expense. We will work with you to determine the costs you will need to account for in order to provide accurate shipping prices to multiple international destinations with your listing.

If you decide to have Modern Conscience handle the shipping you will first ship the item to Modern Conscience. We have a number of companies we work with that can pick up and pack your furniture items for a fee if this is something you require. We will also work with you and provide instructions on how to pack the furniture yourself if you prefer to save on the shipping expense. Modern Conscience will then warehouse the item until it sells. Modern Conscience then retains the shipping price included in the listing in order to cover the shipping expenses.