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COVETED FURNISHINGS+OBJECTS / Vintage Paul Frankl Mahogany and Cork Top Tables - Coffee Table and Pair of End Tables

Vintage Paul Frankl Mahogany and Cork Top Tables - Coffee Table and Pair of End Tables
Design Paul Frankl
Cork and Mahogany
Matched Vintage Original Set, 1940's
manufactured by Johnson Furniture Company
coffee table: 84" w | 21" d | 12" h
end tables, each: 30" w | 18" d | 21" h

Paul Frankl Cork Tables. A gorgeous set of innovative mahogany and cork top tables by Paul Frankl. The design is ingenious; beautiful Japanese inspired details along with a thin layer of pretty cork that initially fools the eye into seeing a robust stone top. The warm mahogany notes perfectly complement the earthy and bright cork. This is a stunning design made all the more delicious by the rare opportunity to own an original matched set of three.

This dates to the 1940's and was manufactured by Johnson Furniture Company in the United States. The set is in very good condition. The woodwork is solid, and free of damage, the cork has minor wear to be expected with age and use, all of the finishes are original and beautiful.

All serious offers will be considered.

FranklTables_01.JPG FranklTables_03.jpg FranklTables_05.jpg FranklTables_06.jpg FranklTables_07.JPG FranklTables_08.JPG FranklTables_09.JPG FranklTables_10.JPG FranklTables_11.JPG FranklTables_12.JPG FranklTables_13.JPG FranklTables_14.JPG FranklTables_15.JPG FranklTables_16.JPG FranklTables_17.JPG FranklTables_18.JPG FranklTables_19.JPG FranklTables_20.JPG FranklTables_21.JPG FranklTables_22.JPG FranklTables_23.JPG FranklTables_24.JPG FranklTables_25.JPG FranklTables_26.jpg